A222 Computer Solutions

A222  is a small Croydon (UK) business established in 2001 providing computer services.


As of 2023 we no longer offer our services to new commercial clients. We do, however, have connections with trusted computer businesses who can help you. Please see Partner Services below.


We are still happy to assist private and domestic clients with their PCs, laptops, servers, Apple-Mac, tablets and even phones. Our services include:-

  • Installation of  computers and auxilliary equipment
  • Repairs, troubleshooting and upgrades
  • Mobile and digital phone set up.
  • Data recovery
  • Network set up – wired and wireless
  • Email systems
  • Antivirus and Security
  • Tuition and training
  • Backup systems

We don’t provide routine monitoring of backup and antivirus systems.


For businesses and for services which we no longer supply, we can refer you to trustworthy competent companies who can help with requirements such as:-

  • General IT support.
  • Computer hardware repairs
  • Ongoing computer support
  • Social Media
  • Web Design and hosting
  • Telephones and VOIP systems
  • Data security
  • Backup systems
  • GDPR compliance

Call us anytime: day, night, weekday or weekend

020 8 662 1124 or mail@a222.net