Android storage space

There are means of releasing space on your Android phone without necessarily having to uninstall any apps. Here are some things which you can do.


This app lets you see the media stored by the Camera, Whatsapp etc. Delete anything which you no longer need (having saved to you computer first if required)


Do a ‘Clear Messages‘ on chats where you don’t need to refer to the conversation history. This does not delete your actual contact.

Having attended to these, then close all applicationsĀ then go to:

Settings – Storage & USB – Internal Storage

Go to Cached Data and clear the cached data. This can release a surprising amount.

Then go to Apps. You can clear data from the following without harm. You might lose some history but logins will be retained.

Google Play Store
Photos (if you have no photos which you need)

Do NOT clear ‘Google’ as this will reset your desktop/shortcuts.