Computer Mice

I’ve been using a ‘trackball’ style mouse for over two decades.

They look odd but I know that a child could use them as my son could manage one at the age of 5.

Benefits are:-

  • Avoid or reduce RSI problems associated with normal Mouse operation. This is because ones hand is at rest instead of under constant low muscle tension as experienced with a conventional mouse.
  • About three times quicker (by my estimation)
  • Never run out of mouse-mat (you don’t actually need a mouse-mat!)
  • Ambidextrous models available.
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests more durable than conventional mouse and therefore better value.

Disadvantages are:-

  • More expensive (but better value)
  • Need cleaning once in a while (just pop the ball out, dust the rollers and clean the ball-race – best done with a fingernail)
  • Ball can fall out when carrying the mouse! It suffers no damage but might roll under the sofa.

My personal choice is the Logitech TrackMan Marble but I’ve also used the Kensington Orbit Trackball which is also very good.

Prices from around £15 (used) or £22-£40 (new): Check on Ebay

Kensington Orbit
Logitech Marble