Turning Computer Off?

A question I’m asked from time to time is whether computers should be left on all the time or turned off.

When left alone your computer should eventually go to sleep and often eventually into a state of hibernation – if it’s been set up properly.

Closing your laptop lid can have the same effect.

At these times power consumption is vastly reduced (zero in the case of hibernation).

Doing this means that your computer is quickly up and ready next time you use it instead of spending a couple of minutes going through the start up procedure.

I leave my laptop on all the time but it does hibernate overnight and during quiet periods in the day. To save energy and as a safety feature, I turn off the charger (at the mains) overnight.

Obviously if you are going away or out of the office for a few days or at the weekend – or indeed at any time when the computer is unattended for 24 hours or more – then I strongly recommend turning all equipment off both at the device and at the mains.

Also do not leave your laptop charging overnight.

Whatever you do, restart your computer at least once a week.

It will do no harm (and will save on power) to turn off monitor and printers when they are no longer needed for the day.

Google G suite set up and prices

We recommend G Suite as your email provider.

Google G Suite offers a plethora of facilities, the main ones being email, contacts, calendar and drive (cloud) space. These may all be set up on your phone as well as your computers.

Google charge £4.60 per month for each mailbox. Mailbox ‘aliases’ are free, for example if your email address is “info@mycompany.co.uk” then you could have mail addressed to, say,  “sales@mycompany.co.uk” sent to the same mailbox.

A222 can set up the G Suite account for your domain. This requires access to your domain registration account if it is not one which we have set up.

If you have an email account which you are replacing, e.g. “mycompany@gmail.com” then mail from that account can be collected into the G Suite email automatically. This means there is no rush to tell your contacts about your new email address as you will receive email for both.

Our service includes:-

  • Domain DNS changes to connect up with the Google mailservers.
  • Automatic import from your old email account.
  • Up to ten aliases.
  • Connecting your phone (if we can get hands on)
  • Setting up 2-level-authentication which means that when a newly encountered device logs into your account for the first time then it has to be authorised via your phone. This protects you in the unlikely event of somebody getting hold of your user name and password.
  • Liaison with yourself to set up Google billing.

Our charge for this is £65; once set up you will pay Google direct each month for the service.

G Suite mail (Gmail) is web based. There is, however, a simple integration with the Outlook desktop program on your computer or laptop. We can set this up for a small fee if required. Such does not need to be done right away.