Windows 11 Update

In 2015 Windows 10 appeared and users of Windows 7 and 8 were offered free automatic updates.

Sometimes this went smoothly. At other times there were all sorts of problems: wifi no longer working, printer connections lost, programs no longer working.

Also in some cases when the update was successful, some computers almost ground to a halt because, whilst powerful enough to run Windows they could not cope with Windows 10 which was much more demanding of resource.

At the moment updates from 10 to Windows 11 are being offered. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are no problems save for users needing to get familiar with a new system.

Things could, however, go wrong so please heed the following recommendations:-

Backup all data before allowing the update.
Ensure that you have access to the installation files for the programs which you use (in case they need to be re-instated).
Do the update at a quiet time so that any problems can be addressed before the computerĀ is needed again.

A222 can, of course, help with all this.