34SP auxilliary accounts

Customers with domains registered through myself via the registrar 34SP (as most are) will receive two emails inviting them to become billing and technical contacts for their domain.

This is to ensure that you are not left in the lurch should A222 be abducted by aliens or the like and be unavailable long term or permanently.

On receipt of  the first email, please click on

View Contact Request

then register your details and keep your chosen password secure and secret.

On the second email which will arrive a little later, click on

View Contact Request

You may need to login using the credentials set up with the first email.

Once logged in, click on

then logoff:


Under normal circumstances there will no need to login to these accounts. Should you need to do so then go to account.34sp.com

You will receive a notification at domain renewal time. I will have matters in hand but it will do no harm to forward this to me.