A guide on joining a meeting on Zoom.

The person initiating the meeting (host) will send you a email with a link.

This will look something like:


Just click on the link and follow instructions.

If it’s the first time that you’ve used Zoom then you’ll be asked to permit the download and installation of the Zoom app., otherwise you’ll be invited to start Zoom.

You’ll see a message something like this.

If you have Zoom Client installed, launch meeting. Otherwise, download and run Zoom.

If you’ve previously Zoomed then take the first option, otherwise take the second.

In the first case you may get a popup asking “Open Zoom meetings” – give your assent.

In the second case, affirm requests to install Zoom.

After this you’ll be asked to “Join with computer audio”. Click on this and you will join the meeting.

cannot detect your microphone”?

If you get a message like this then either:

  • You don’t have one attached or integrated into your device in which case see “DESKTOP PC or MAC” below.
  • You do have a microphone but it is not operational. This could be because of your security/antivirus program or some device setting is wrong. Seek technical advice (sorry, such is beyond the scope of this post).

Link does not work?

If, for some reason, the link supplied by the host does not work, then ask your host for the Meeting ID and Password.

If this is your first Zooming then either go to www.zoom.us (for PC, laptop and Mac) or to the App Store (for your phone or tablet) then download and install Zoom (you’ll get instructions on screen).

Once installed and running, click “Join Meeting” and enter the ID and password.


The laptop is the ideal Zoom device as it has a microphone and a webcam. If your laptop does not have these then please refer to DESKTOP PC or MAC below.

Bottom left of the screen you’ll see an icon with Unmute/Mute. Click this to turn your microphone on or off. Beside that a camera icon. Click this to turn your webcam on or off.

Top right you’ll see either Gallery View (see everybody else) or Speaker View (see current speaker only). Click on this to flip between the two.


Once again, these have webcam and microphone. The controls described above under Laptop or Macbook are also available but the icons and their positions will vary from device to device.


Phone is not ideal because of the small screen size though they do have webcam and microphone. The controls described above under Laptop or Macbook are also available but the icons and their positions will vary from phone to phone.

PC or MAC with webcam and microphone

Process as per Laptop or Macbook above

PC or MAC without webcam or microphone

This presents a problem. One will be able to see and listen to the meeting but not participate.

On connecting, Zoom will remark on lack of microphone but will allow you to connect. There is a workaround which works thus using a smartphone.

Connect to the meeting on your PC. Ensure any microphone is disconnected and that the sound is turned OFF.

Connect to the meeting on your phone as well. The phone will give you webcam and audio while your PC provides the visual.


If for whatever reason you want to connect to the meeting using two devices then ensure that on one of them the microphone and sound are turned off. Failure will mean echo and feedback which will disrupt the meeting for yourself and others.